Welcome to The Divine Feminist Community

A safe, supportive and sacred space for those on the path back to balance and wholeness.

About Us

 The Divine Feminist Community is a place for those who are tired of this out of balance world that seems forever determined to keep us small by convincing us that we are too much or not enough. 

In line with the podcast and upcoming book of the same name, the community supports its members to re-connect to themselves, all with the aim of crating a greater sense of balance and wholeness within their lives and the wider world. 

The Divine Feminist was created by Ceryn Rowntree, author, therapist and witch, who is on a mission to bring the whole world into a state of sacred balance and flow fit for the modern age.

Why you should join us

Looking for a safe and supportive space within which to connect more deeply with yourself as you look to re-balance your life and return to a place of flow and wholeness? Then the Divine Feminist community might just be the place for you. 

Here you will find a monthly set of exclusive content to help deepen your journey, along with a community of like-minded souls there to support you every step of the way.

A huge thank you

Thank you for supporting the Divine Feminist, and for being part of this community. Not only does every member have a huge part to play in creating this community of ours, but your support enables us to keep producing the podcast and content that will help more people return to a place of their own wholeness too. Thank you ❤️